La Luciole (firefly) - represents seizing the moment when the magic is there.  Glassblowing is a choreography with improv: timing is everything.  The flow of production is meditative and satisfying, constant movement as you try and try again. 

My designs are small batch, and constantly evolving: intentionally not amenable to factory-style production or wholesale orders.  I like clean lines and an understated glow.  I appreciate technical skill, but my work is meant to remind people that each piece is unique and made with the perfect inspiration of a shaky human soul at a particular moment in time.

I completed a craft and design program at Espace Verre in Montreal, and then honed my skills by working in a production studio, and teaching glassblowing for several years.  I also have degrees in political science and education.  A few other things happened, too.

When I am not blowing glass, I am very unfashionably dressed in the countryside near the funky village of Wakefield, Quebec, attempting to garden or ski or peel my kids' stickers off the furniture.



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